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If Nicolas Cage has been taking any holidays of late, it certainly doesn’t show in the quantity of his work, as this blackly comedic heist drama is but the first of a whopping six projects set to be released in 2016. Partnered with a post-Wilfred Elijah Wood, The Trust sees everybody’s favourite Coppola as a lowly police property clerk, who stumbles upon the existence of a secret vault that may hold the key to a new life for both him and his unwitting assistant.

While not quite the madcap caper its marketing might suggest, the light-hearted – though not quite laugh out loud – tone brings out a side to its lead not seen since his breakout supporting turn in 2010’s Kickass. Cage rises wholeheartedly to the challenge – helped immeasurably by Wood’s engaging turn as the straight man. Largely a two-hand affair, the duo share a chemistry that forms the absolute core of The Trust; Wood, delightfully, makes the most of being able to share the heavy lifting, following a string of solo projects since his return from television.

Relative unknowns Alex and Benjamin Brewer – the latter co-writing with Adam Hirsch – stage a solid and lively character dramedy with their leads, who are visibly more in their element during the later heist-based drama of it all. On the page, however, is where it’s all at. The Brewer/Hirsch screenplay offers a healthy dose of sharp dialogue, plenty of insightful characterisation and even the odd spat of amusingly batshit quirkiness – the on-screen recipient of which you can likely take a stab at guessing.

As a thrilling mainstream offering, The Trust may not quite measure up – for one thing, it’s largely dialogue-based – yet its earnest likeability and refreshing light-heartedness on the part of 1995’s Best Actor winner ensure there’s at least something to it. Though you’ll see the zigs coming ahead of the equally predictable zags, the interplay between Cage and Wood is genuinely worthwhile – and, for a change, playing to more than just fans of the almighty Cage. Ultimately, The Trust won’t be make anybody’s top ten of the year, but if even half of his roles for the rest of the year offer as much to sink his teeth into, it’ll be a good year for the former Cameron Poe.

The Trust is in select cinemas from Friday, May 27th; rated 15. Check out the trailer below.


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