Yvonne Blake, Designer Of Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit, Dies Aged 78


Yvonne Blake, the Oscar-winning British-born costume designer of 1971’s Nicolas and Alexandra, has died at the age of 78. She died Tuesday at her home in Madrid, where she had been the President of the Spanish Film Academy.

Blake’s work could be seen in Farenheit 451 (’66), Jesus Christ Superstar (’73), Robin and Marian (’76), The Eagle Has Landed (’76), and Goya’s Ghost (’06). However, Yvonne was best known for her iconic work on Richard Donner’s Superman, where she designed Christopher Reeve’s inimitable super-suit, Marlon Brando’s space-age Kryptonian garb, and the fiercely fashionable outfits of Margot Kidder.

The seriousness with which Blake would take in adapting the suit for the big screen would set the bar for every superhero adaptation to come, and she described the process as “reproducing what looked like a pretty silly costume into one that could be worn by an actor that would look attractive and believable to Superman fans.”

Yvonne leaves behind her husband Roberto Estevez, and her son David Carretero.

Source: Variety


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