This weekend was the worst at the US box office since the wake of 9/11


The Mayweather/McGregor fight, Hurricane Harvey and Game of Thrones may have dominated the weekend, but what’s gone relatively unacknowledged is the worst box office weekend in sixteen years.

This weekend saw the top earning twelve films at the US domestic box office pull in only a paltry $49 million in total, the lowest earning weekend since the weeks following 9/11. New releases included animated adventure Leap!, Bruce Lee tale Birth of the Dragon, and the faith-based feature All Saints, though all were trounced by The Hitman’s Bodyguard – which retained the top spot at the box office for another week, despite pulling in only $10m – a 53% drop on the week previous.

The Labour Day weekend next week looks set to retain the relatively low momentum, with erotic drama Tulip Fever the only wide release to come, and business for that title expected to be pretty minimal. The following week, however, sees the release of the much-anticipated Stephen King adaptation, IT, which is expected to restore box office takings to something of normality.

The damage would appear to be done however by the end of the Labour Day weekend, with the US domestic box office projected to be down 16% for the steepest decline of recent times and a twenty-five year low.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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