Soldado director rules out directing a third Sicario movie


Having stepped in to take over for the departing Denis Villeneuve, Soldado director Stefano Sollima has ruled out his potential return for a third Sicario chapter.

Villeneuve stepped away from helming the follow-up to the buzzy cartel thriller owing to commitments on Blade Runner 2049, with Suburra director Sollima boarding the project as a replacement. The results, while widely regarded as not up to the grade set by Villeneuve, have nonetheless garnered their own acclaim, with many wondering fi the director will remain with the series going forward.

According to Sollima himself, doing so would undermine said series, with the Italian director explaining: “Every movie in these series needs to be a standalone that stays in the same world. I’d love to watch another chapter of Sicario, but it should be from a different director who has their own specific style. You shouldn’t have more than one film from the same director. Then it would be too much like a real franchise.”

Brought to the screen for a tidy $35m, Soldado opened in the US this past weekend to a respectable $23m domestically.

Source: Variety


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