Sacha Baron Cohen teases Trump project


Comic performer Sacha Baron Cohen took advantage of the 4th of July festivities this week to tease a new project involving President Donald Trump.

The tease comes by way of a Twitter post that features footage of a pre-White House Trump berating Cohen, along with a tease revealing the Borat creator “is back… like you’ve never seen him before. Sacha graduates” before displaying the logo for Trump University.


Trump University was one of the former property mogul’s many failed ventures, presenting itself as a real estate training program despite lacking any form of official university or college accreditation. In time, the university would become the subject of two class action lawsuits, along with a further lawsuit by the office of the New York Attorney General for illegal business practices. Trump would eventually settle all three lawsuits for a total of $25m upon assuming the presidency.

Details on Cohen’s project remain under wraps for now, with even so much as the format of the project being kept back. Cohen does have previous experience with Trump, meanwhile, having recorded an on-camera interview with the Kremlin enthusiast for Da Ali G Show in 2003.

Source: Twitter


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