Rampage Set To Be Released In Saudi Arabia


It seems that Dwayne Johnson is continuing on his path to world domination as his latest blockbuster release, Rampage, is set to become only the second film to be theatrically released in Saudi Arabia in 35 years.

Last week we reported that Black Panther was breaking a three and a half decade long ban on theatrically released films in the middle eastern country, and it seems the movie-going public over there are already hungry for more. Although it may not carry quite as much weight in terms of social importance and message as the Marvel super-hero adventure, it will almost certainly be a satisfying big screen spectacle for anybody that hasn’t sat through five Transformers films in the last ten years.

The news comes courtesy of an interview with Adam Aron, president and CEO of AMC – the first cinema chain to open a branch in Saudi Arabia. Speaking at CinemaCon, Aron also went on to confirm that both Marvel’s next offering, Avengers: Infinity War  and the family friendly animated film Ferdinand were also being reviewed by the no-doubt rigorous Saudi censorship process, although they are yet to have release dates confirmed.

Whether or not the video game adaptation will be a ‘smash’ hit in the country is yet to be seen, as the film is currently scheduled for release this coming Thursday.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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