NY Times Author To Tackle Robin Hood 2058


Hollywood loves a bit of history repeating itself, and now – more than twenty years after the last round of rival Robin Hood projects saw Kevin Costner face off against Patrick Bergin, with Cary Elwes turning up in the aftermath – we have yet another cinematic Robin Hood competition in the works, complete with a dystopian version to boot.

Bestselling New York Times author Tony Lee has signed on to join this latter project for Hollywood Gang, currently going by the working title of Robin Hood 2058, and following a rogue MI5 agent on a mission to fight injustice in dystopian London. 300 and Immortals producer Gianni Nunnari will oversee the project, while American Sniper’s Jason Dean Hall and The Throwaways’ Michael Ross handled previous drafts of the screenplay.

Rival projects currently in the works include Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins, starring Kingsman’s Taron Egerton, Disney’s Nottingham & Hood, and Sony’s potential cinematic universe launcher, Hood.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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