Legendary to produce live-action Gundam adaptation


Legendary Pictures are to team up with Sunrise to produce a live-action adaptation of hit anime mech franchise, Gundam, it has emerged at LA’s Anime Expo.

Beginning in 1979 with anime TV series Mobile Suit Gundam, the franchise follows the intergalactic war between the Earth Federation and space colonies of the Principality of Zeon, with one such colony housing an experimental piloted robot – the RX-78 Gundam – that must be transported to safety on Earth.

The Gundam brand would become iconic, popularising the mech genre and paving the way for works such as Pacific Rim, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Power Rangers, and elements of the Matrix sequels. The series was also among many included among the crop of pop-culture cameos in this year’s Ready Player One.

Legendary’s Cale Boyter is to oversee development.

Source: The Wrap


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