Karl Urban claims Alex Garland actually directed Dredd


Karl Urban has reignited a popular fan theory of recent years with an acknowledgement that Ex Machina helmer Alex Garland actually directed the 2012 cult favourite, Dredd.

Garland – who wrote the feature adaptation before moving on to direct Ex Machina and this month’s Annihilation – is known to have taken over post-production duties on the 2000 A.D. spin-off following creative disagreements between director Pete Travis and the film’s producers. Garland’s involvement went so far as to see the Danny Boyle alum seek a co-director credit, before eventually reneging and issuing a joint statement with Travis that they had agreed upon an “unorthodox collaboration” before production ever even began.

Now, Urban – out promoting VOD thriller Bent – has spoken of his appreciation for the role of Mega City One enforcer Judge Dredd, offering that, were it up to him, he “would have been making Dredd 2 two years ago,” before adding that “a huge part of the success of Dredd is in fact due to Alex Garland and what a lot of people don’t realize is that Alex Garland actually directed that movie.”

The conversation continued with Urban expressing a desire to see Garland return in a full directorial capacity for a potential sequel, with the Star Trek star offering: “Right? That would rock my world. I just hope when people think of Alex Garland’s filmography that Dredd is the first film that he made before Ex Machina. You think about it in those terms; it goes Dredd, Ex Machina, Annihilation.”

Source: JoBlo


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