Batgirl Film Getting Rewrite From Bumblebee Spinoff Screenwriter


When writer/director Joss Whedon left the Batgirl movie citing that he “didn’t have a story”, many just assumed the Warner Bros.’ proposed DCEU flick was dead in the water. However, it’s now being reported that Bumblebee screenwriter Christina Hodson is working on rewriting the script into something more workable.

Hodson previously wrote the ropey Unforgettable (starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl), but there’s been positive initial buzz for her script for the forthcoming Transformers spinoff based on fan-favourite character Bumblebee. Hodson also already has experience within the DCEU, lending her talents to both the scripts for the forthcoming Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey movies.

The Batgirl movie will be centred on Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham’s beleaguered Police Commissioner James ‘Jim’ Gordon. When her father crushes her dreams of becoming a police officer, fearing for her life in a city constantly under attack by colourful supervillains, Barbara will don the mantle of caped heroine Batgirl.

There’s no word yet on whether Batman will appear in the film, though given Warner Bros.’ track record it’s a practical certainty. However, given the time frame necessary to turn the project around, it’s fairly likely Ben Affleck won’t be in the cape and cowl by that time.

The next entry into the DC Extended Universe will be Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, and due out on the 21st of December.

Source: Deadline


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