Jordan Peele in talks to direct live-action Akira adaptation


With rumours earlier this week that Warner Bros. were eying Daniel Espinosa and David F. Sandberg as their potential Akira director, it’s now being reported that Jordan Peele has entered talks for the project.

Peele, of course, is the hottest commodity around at the moment – riding high on the breakout success of his directorial debut, Get Out, as well as celebrating being the first African-American filmmaker in history to break $100m on his debut feature. Though he has stated that he has a further four such “social thrillers” he hopes to see come to fruition in the next decade, this is the first mention of the comic actor being linked with a wholly unoriginal property – bar murmurings that he will be the latest in an increasingly long line of directors for DC’s The Flash.

There’s no official word from the studio on the matter as yet, though it’s being said that – should he take the job – Peele would also take a pass at the script, the most recent draft of which comes by way of Daredevil writer Marco Ramirez.

In development (in it’s current form) since 2015, the arrival of projects such as Ghost in the Shell and Netflix’s upcoming Death Note have seen a resurgence of interest in the adaptation – the property generally held as being the gold standard of mainstream Anime fare, and the influence behind a lot of cyberpunk properties in the years since its 1988 release.

Source: The Tracking Board


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