Angus Macfadyen reprises Braveheart role for Robert the Bruce


Having played the role to notable acclaim, Angus Macfadyen will reprise his role from 1995’s Braveheart for the upcoming Scottish drama, Robert the Bruce.

Sugar Mountain director Richard Gary helms the story of widow Moira, who – along with her child, niece, and nephew, save the King of Scotland. Anna Hutchinson will play Moira, with Gabriel Bateman, Talitha Bateman, and Lessard cast as the children.

As well as starring, Macfadyen also co-wrote the feature with Eric Belgau, which includes an all-star supporting cast featuring Jared Harris, Patrick Fugit, Zach McGowan, Emma Kenney, Diamaid Murtagh, Seoras Wallace, Shane Coffey, Kevin McNally and Melora Walters.

Though the story of Robert the Bruce will follow on directly from the events of Braveheart, it remains unconfirmed whether the project will be regarded as any kind of official “sequel”.

Source: Deadline


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