Ang Lee to helm sci-fi actioner Gemini Man


Acclaimed director Ang Lee has entered negotiations to helm the long in-development sci-fi action thriller, Gemini Man.

First developed by Disney back in the nineties, the story sees an assassin forced into battle with his ultimate opponent: a younger clone of himself. Tony Scott was previously set to helm Disney’s take, based on a pitch by Darren Lemke. Several writers have taken a pass at the project over the years, including David Benioff, Brian Helgeland, and Andrew Niccol.

The project’s biggest stumbling block has always been one of logistics – namely how to convincingly  portray the same character at two different ages in a feature with an intense action sensibility. The answer: the digital de-aging technology recently seen in both Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War and applied to Michael Douglas and Robert Downey, Jr. respectively.

Said technology has been used sparingly to date, with Gemini Man set to become the first to utilise it on such a complete scale.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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