28 Months Later is unlikely to ever happen, says Alex Garland


Writer of the iconic 28 Days Later and (the less iconic) 28 Weeks Later, Alex Garland has confirmed that a trilogy-capping 28 Months Later is unlikely to materialise in the future.

Though he might be making waves now with his directorial efforts on Ex Machina and the imminently-arriving Annihilation, Garland’s work as a British screenwriter saw him garner cult status on films such as The Beach, Dredd, and Sunshine. It’s through publicity rounds for Annihilation though, that talk of 28 Months Later has arisen, and been shot down just as quickly.

Taking part in a Reddit AMA session, Garland admits that there were “kind of” plans as to where a third instalment of the 28 series might go, but that he doubts “it will ever happen” due to a rights dispute that has held up any potential development.

Meanwhile, the director has an eight episode FX series on the cards to follow the release of Annihilation on Netflix in March.

Source: Reddit


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